Kenji Omori

Born in Saitama in 1982, Kenji Omori graduated from Tokyo Zokei University and studied “Landscape design course”. At precisely the same time, he came across the potter’s wheel and became fascinated by pottery. Then he moved to Tajimi and furthered his studies in Tajimi city pottery design and technical center. He is currently lives and works in Tajimi. Kenji has held solo exhibitions at Gallery Voice (Tajimi) and Noritake Garden (Nagoya) on a regular basis since 2007. In 2011, his first solo major exhibition in Tokyo was held at Inax galeria ceramica. From 2012 he is active internationally and exhibiting in Korea and SIN SIN FINE ART (Hong Kong) presented group exhibition with Kenji in 2015. He is considered an up-and-coming new ceramist.
  • 1982 Born in Saitama. works and lives in Tajimi, Gifu
  • 2005 B.A., Tokyo Zokei University, Landscape design course
  • 2007 Graduated from Tajimi city pottery design and technical center


  • 2007 Exihibiton of “Fuka”, Noritake Garden, Aichi
  • 2011 Solo Exhibition,“Trajectory of white line " Inax galeria ceramica, Tokyo
  • 2012 Solo Exhibition “Draw an arc” Gallery garaku, Aichi
  • 2012 World Ceramics Exhibition, COEX, Korea
  • 2012 MINO CERAMICS NOW, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu
  • 2012 Two Artists Show, Craft shop NAGASE 3, Gifu
  • 2013 Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition, CHACHA, Gifu
  • 2013 Solo Exhibition, HISIO –Centre for Cultural Exchange, Okayama
  • 2014 New ceramists from Mino, gleen natural store tokyo, Tokyo
  • 2014 Mino Ceramics 100, Tajimi INDUSTORY&CULTURE CENTER, Gifu
  • 2014 Eight Artists from Mino, GALLERY fu, Aichi
  • 2014 Solo Exhibition, Fifteen gyallery, Korea


  • "Le Mino-yaki, cinq siècles de fascination", Espace L'Une, Paris France
  • Mino Ceramic Art Museum, Gifu
  • “ Pottery of current - form is made from the clay-PartVI ", gallery VOICE,Gifu
  • Group Exhibition, tourin syunyo, Gifu

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